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CCB Lite Users Guide

In case your electronic signature is renewed / reissued, in order to use the service CCB online it is necessary to register the new certificate. To this purpose it is necessary to go to the web site of the Bank, select Log into CCB Online and follow the below-mentioned steps:
  • Certificates
  • User and password entry of the username and password from your existing registration.
  • Registration of Universal electronic signature for working with CCB Online (it is necessary that the smart card and reader be switched on)
  • Registration of a certificate
  • There appears a window with your certificates. It is necessary to select the certificate from the issuer of the electronic signature (e.g. Infonotary)
  • Entry of the PIN of the universal electronic signature
  • There appears a screen with information about the certificate
  • Select the Registration button
  • In keeping with the condition the data of the user in the Internet banking must be equal with the data of the client, registered for universal electronic signature,
    the following message from the system will appear "Your certificate has been registered successfully".
  • Upon mismatch the system will return an error:
    Invalid data, in this case you may call us at: 02/ 926 66 66 or 02/ 926 66 68.


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