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Central Cooperative Bank Plc informs its clients that with the aim of increasing the security upon using the “Internet banking” service, as from the expiry of two months from the date of the present notification, that is 08.05.2010, there will be no possibility for the use of the “Internet banking” service through the use of an electronic certificate.

As from the same date - 08.05.2010 CCB Plc will provide to its clients the “Internet banking” service via the use of QUALIFIED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE, issued by the provider of evidencing services.

To all present and future clients, CCB Plc provides the possibility to purchase QUALIFIED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE from the bank offices.

As from 08.05.2010, the electronic certificates, issued by CCB Plc, will not be valid and the associated orders for disposing with accounts of clients will not be accepted and performed. Till the specified date each client is entitled to terminate immediately the frame contract without any expenses and compensations.

For all new clients, as from 08.03.2010, the service will be accessible via the use of QUALIFIED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE.

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